Ser Mühendislik Our Values

Our values

Customer happiness

  • As the company management and employees, we observe customer satisfaction in all our activities.
  • We always try to fully understand our customers’ expectations.
  • We always offer complete, accurate and analytical offers. We are friendly and respectful.

Respect for the law and the environment

  • We strictly comply with laws and legal regulations, we do not compromise on this.
  • We try to contribute to the protection of our environment, whether legal or not.
  • It is very important that our conscientious responsibility leaves us alone.


Human is our most important element

  • As a SER, we are a family and we do not want to lose anyone from our family.
  • The problem of one of our employees is the problem of all of us, we try to solve it.
  • We care about the individual development of our individuals, just as a family cares about the development of its members.
  • Our quality is directly proportional to the quality of our employees.
  • Our employees aim for quality.
  • We empower our employees as well as responsibility.
  • We give importance to our employees to share their information with us.

Working systematically and in a team

  • We stick to our organization manual.
  • We believe in the efficiency of working in a team.
  • Each individual has the same desire, determination and determination in carrying out our duties.
  • In order to complete ourselves and our professional development, we make the most of our free time.
  • We understand our assigned duties well, and complete them in a timely, complete and appropriate manner.
  • We respect each other and help each other.
  • We express our ideas openly with respect.
  • To achieve our goal, we lock our goals with all our team members.
  • We continue our works with mutual trust and respect with an increasing cooperation.