The most important application that appears together is the practice of partiating, which is important in places not as seen as  it appears in Clenaroom. Partisyon is the necessity   of     cleanroom in GMP,  but it provides a  very  beautiful aesthetic appearance.  It needs excellent workto eras to meet the production of partiile materials and user needs, and if the workmanship is bad, the material will show the point that is directly bad. We are installation with impeccable  workmanship  with the quality of these highly costly    goods.   Our punctuality  applications  also apply world-class quality materials that meet all the needs of clean rooms such as HPL,Hair  Panel, HPL  ceiling,sheet ceiling, walkable ceiling, lighting fixtures 50mm-12mm glass, wing  and  automatic  door,interlock  systems,  passbox,  air  shower,lockercabinets, jump sets.