SER MÜHENDİSLİK TES. INS. TAH. SINGING. TIC. LTD. Sti. Producing solutions to customer problems in the fastest time in work items such as Plan-Project, Contracting, Mechanics, Automation and Partition and keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground, since 1997, in the pharmaceutical industry ” STERILE and ” NON STERILE ” areas ” CLEAN ROOM ” With the know-how and turn-key or project, project consultancy services with half a century of experience and know-how from the design of all necessary systems and areas such as warehouses, clothes changing rooms, offices, washbasin and showers and dining hall in the background of ‘clean room’. offers its customers a solid and high quality service. Being aware of the fact that DQ-IQ-OQ and PQ processes should be managed very well at the basis of this service, DQ-IQ and OQ documents, namely how to manage the project, in accordance with the standards of organizations such as GMP and FDA, We conduct the management of the interpreted DQ architectural design and subsequently “URS” and “ROOMBOOK” and the important stages such as roles & responsibilities, testing, revision history, BMS and equipment control in the IQ document.

After these stages, together with the employer, we are interpreting the design through the project and creating the final approved architectural project according to the URS. After the clarifying of this DQ architectural project, we begin the project work of the plant’s mechanical, automation, electrical and partiiled pens according to the “URS” and “ROOMBOOK” work, and in the process we continue with the employer’s approval in all business lines by keeping the employer in constant contact with the employer and keeping them up-to-date. We strive to fulfill all requests that are not necessarily required by the employer or the necessary system or equipment. In these studies, we end the project by knowing that the reciprocal dialogue is much more important than sentences such as “EMPLOYER DOES NOT WANT THIS”, or “NO NEED TO ASK THIS”, that questions that have not been discussed or mutually asked in the project, or any subsequent situation will be carried out in the IQ implementation phase by requiring much more time, cost and above all, and that this time will prolong the project installation final time.