Designed from the DQ project stage, we have been carrying out our commitment since  1997  with all our efforts and energy in the establishment of the facility in accordance with the design of the employer groups in mechanical, automation, electricity, partiiled and all other businessitems. As we are also the project company at the start of the commitment business, we brief the employer by conducting general requirements and design checks for a short period of time so that the employer  and  our side can end the facility with less revision during the IQ  implementation  phase of the commitment.  After this process, we will start the installation by carrying out existing building checks if there are any existing building checks through approved projects by making a business plan. We work with our employers during the installation process. We are working to deliver all the work that is on us in the installation impeccably complete and incomplete. At this stage, we’re moving forward knowing that a good auditor will stand on unseen places more than you’ve ever seen.

We are making every effort to prevent the revisions, which are the biggest obstacle to the term and the end of the work period given at the beginning of the IQ application phase, although we make every effort to prevent the project’s DQ stage, but we are making every effort to ensure that the revisions do not affect the term of the project, aware that there will be no revision. However, since revisions require very serious work and engineering time in practice, project tracking and documentation, we mutually approve the revision budget and revision period with the employer before the revision is realized, and we are enrolled in the revision history of the IQ document and then the revision is adopted. With the end of the IQ installation phase, we continue to serve you when the installation and certification phases of the facility are constantly needed by delivering the clean room or facility suitable for GMP together with the documents in the governor.